BeSpoke Voice Coaching


Hello there… Your Voice is your literal calling-card.  By it you are recognised, loved, judged – initially more than by the actual words you utter. Unfair? Maybe so but your voice is a give-away and says more about you than you realise.

I am a professional voice and communication specialist providing tailor-made coaching to people in all walks of life.  I’m based in Worcestershire but happy to travel to where you are to help with all forms of public speaking.


Why are you here?

It may be because someone has commented on your voice…

  • Can you be heard?
  • Do you lack confidence when making a point in a group?
  • Have you been asked to present some research, or preach or make a business pitch?
  • Perhaps you’ve got an audition or casting and you’re reticent to run your speech through in front of people who know you well… or something else

Get help from a professional coach

Book one-to-one coaching sessions or a group workshop on all aspects of vocal production, confidence when you need to speak in public, or how best to present yourself on camera. I can also help if you feel ‘stuck’ – in your work, in your life chapter, in goal-setting.  Coaching sessions are arranged to suit you. They can be in person or over Skype.

Click on a speech bubble to find specific information. You can ask a question on the ‘Get in touch’ button at the bottom. I look forward to hearing from you.

Vocal office skills are important for presentations, interviews, etc. Let Bespoke Voice Coaching help you

Help for professionals in demanding roles – speaking, listening, presenting, pitching

Are you doing an audition for the stage? Bespoke Voice Coaching can help

Prepare for that casting or Drama school audition

Need help with preaching? Ask BeSpoke Voice Coaching

To “er...” is human - I'll help you erase it!

Bespoke Voice Coaching can help you with that speech for an occasion

Wedding? Funeral? BAFTA?

Improve your accent with BeSpoke Voice Coaching

Trouble being understood? Want to sound less locate-able?

Not sure that you fit into any other category - Bespoke Voice Coaching

Read more about how else I might help...and at what cost?