Do you need to make a speech at an important occasion?

Bespoke Voice Coaching can help you with that speech for an occasionPerhaps you have a wedding coming up or a family occasion where you will need to make a speech or introduce an idea or a person. You may have been asked to congratulate someone up-front or make an acceptance speech for an award.  Maybe it’s wanting to read a poem or eulogy at a funeral.

Sometimes the mere idea of standing up in front of an audience  is terrifying. You are not alone!

How voice coaching will help

Speaking at a wedding can be frightening. Bespoke Voice Coaching can help you prepare.

Going through what’s expected, in a rehearsal is really useful for addressing the most nerve-wracking aspects of your task.  Very often just identifying the underlying fears can help in applying strategies to manage them more effectively.  Beyond that, there are vocal exercises to enable you to sound strong and confident.

If you want to ask a question or get some advice with your speech, please get in touch.