Vocal office skills are important for presentations, interviews, etc. Let Bespoke Voice Coaching help you


How’s business?  Whatever your business is, it’s almost inevitable that you’re going to have to sell it, share it, spread it or speak about it. Whether you are in the office or out on the road, a confident voice helps you feel confident. Whether you have a dread of networking or a sinking feeling about that next pitch, I’d like to help you grab it by the jugular and make a success of the task.

Perhaps you’re a woman in the office, feeling your voice (contribution?) is somewhat drowned-out…or you have a chunky job title with a voice that doesn’t quite match.  Maybe you have a role that requires you to speak all day and you find your voice getting hoarse or sore…

How “BeSpoke” Voice Coaching can help

Group Sessions

I can deliver group sessions for a half-day or full day tailored for your team. Voice is such a personal thing that it’s often easier to address an issue like Confidence in Presenting, for example, in a group – having a laugh along the way.  I aim to make the sessions fun and interactive, relaxing and productive with exercises to go away with…

One-to-One better?

If 1-to-1 work seems more appropriate we can work by the hour at your pace towards agreed objectives.  I can help you with the structure of your speech or pitch or presentation and help you get the words off the page!  I am passionate about enabling you to be the best version of your communicative self for the job in hand.

Please get in touch to find out how I can help. We’ll have an initial telephone conversation to determine what you need.  I’ll then suggest a plan of action for you to consider and we’ll go from there.