It’s not just Voice..Christina Walker of BeSpoke Voice Coaching

I am a trainee Coach, too.  It’s only recently that I’ve started to understand what a Coach is…does.  There are many different types and, in a sense, it depends what you want from a Coach but as far as I understand it: a Coach can help you move forward in your thinking – and action.  So if you feel stuck, going round the same track and feel that nothing’s ever likely to change – think again.


The power of coaching is discovering you have the wherewithal to make changes…yourself.  Not by willpower or beating yourself up but – very often – by the act of speaking out the words for yourself in front of your coach and holding yourself to account.  It’s remarkably simple yet profound.


As I’m learning-on-the-job, you’ll get heavily discounted sessions – as long as you give me feedback.

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